Lampire Biological Labs achieves Certification to ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003

Bucks County, PA -- Lampire Biological Laboratories recently achieved certification to ISO (International Organization of Standardization) 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 following a significant...

Teratogenicity Screening Assays

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories has added ZEC-
Zebrafish Embryo Culture Teratogenicity Screen and rWEC-
Rat Whole Embryo Teratogenicity Screen
to our products and services offering. These screenings are two more ways LAMPIRE is meeting the industries initiative to REDUCE, REFINE and REPLACE.

These services are available now and custom quotes are generated after free consultation. For more information contact your Lampire representative, call us at 215.795.2838, follow the links above, or email us at

Expanded Vivarium

LAMPIREs expanded high-tech vivarium and its staff are available for your lab animal projects. The expanded capacity and enhanced facilities can accommodate drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DM/PK) studies, teratogenicity studies, small- and large-scale hybridoma projects, and much more. With a cGMP compliant Quality System, projects are completed on-time, with outstanding quality, and in conformance with your requirements, specifications, and standards.

With our close proximity to the NJ/Philadelphia area, our facilities are available with dedicated labs and animal husbandry support for your research needs. Let our highly trained staff handle your projects or take advantage of working on your project at our facility alongside our trained staff. Our staff includes AALAS certified technicians, toxicologists and veterinarians working under cGMP guidelines. Along with our technical support staff, this creates an unmatched team of specialists striving to make your project a success.

WHY Lampire?

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories specializes in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, cell culture devices and services, and a wide variety of blood-derived products. Founded in 1977, the Pennsylvania based company offers an extensive line of secondary antibodies, purified IgGs, human and animal blood products, plus a comprehensive line of animal tissues and organs. The latest product releases include New Zealand sourced animal blood products, the gas-permeable LAMPIRE® Cell Culture Bag and exclusive antibodies to chemotherapeutic agents. Support services include peptide synthesis, antigen design, antibody purification, custom conjugation, and immunoassay development. In addition, Lampire has earned primary vendor status with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device manufacturers worldwide.