July Featured Product

LAMPIRE has been a trusted supplier of Animal Blood-Derived Products, Tissues, and Organs for over 40 years. Our products range from whole blood and washed red blood cells to filtered and unfiltered plasma and sera. LAMPIRE will supply small volumes for research or large volumes for manufacturing. Consistent product quality, on-time delivery, affordable pricing and friendly customer support has helped LAMPIRE earn customer loyalty for over four decades.

LAMPIRE acquires H.B. Custom Media

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories, Inc., announced it has completed the acquisition of H. B. Custom Media, based out of the Ben Franklin Tech Ventures Business Center, in Bethlehem, PA. The acquisition includes...

WHY Lampire?

LAMPIRE Biological Laboratories specializes in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, cell culture devices and services, and a wide variety of blood-derived products. Founded in 1977, the Pennsylvania based company offers an extensive line of secondary antibodies, purified IgGs, human and animal blood products, plus a comprehensive line of animal tissues and organs. The latest product releases include New Zealand sourced animal blood products, the gas-permeable LAMPIRE® Cell Culture Bag and exclusive antibodies to chemotherapeutic agents. Support services include peptide synthesis, antigen design, antibody purification, custom conjugation, and immunoassay development. In addition, Lampire has earned primary vendor status with biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device manufacturers worldwide.